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I am Vikas Gade, it’s my passion cum profession to help people grow, fulfil their ambitions, achieve their desires through channel intervention, tiny revolutions yielding massive outcome. Encapsulate what goes in your mind, heart and head and live a life by choice not by chance.

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Very briefly, I succeeded in early life, didn’t consolidate and later drifted along. What I mean is I had a Govt job even before I graduated. I did my MBA for better prospects. Got another PSU Bank Job. But something or the other was always boggling my mind. And I was always doing something or the other, which made me fulfilled for a while. Then I realised that it’s not only me there are scores of others who feel the same way. Then through a lot of research, self help journals, trainers, coaches I discovered “The Secret” as to why people feel unfulfilled and continue to be in that state. Feeling miserable or sorry for themselves – Why? Coz they don’t follow their natural instincts or passion. I did. And today from a monotonous job I have formed – An Artists Booking Interface – Awarded “Best Celebrity Management Co” by India Business Awards 2019 at Taj Bengaluru. Bollywood always excited me. Watching TV Shows, Serials, Awards – it’s a grand thing. I always thought of being there with the Stars – whom people adore. And then I carved a niche area, of facilitating Direct Priviledged Meet for ardent fans. Working around I did realise some pros and cons of the Stardom! On 1st April 2016, I was taken aback by the sudden death of an Indian Television Actress at the tender age of 25. That’s when I realised, what we really, really need in Life is Peace! But the sad note is that we live a mechanical life, we rush endlessly. Everyone is busy.


1. It is an Opportunity to Map your life as a Whole; With a forward-looking approach with an objective is to grow rather than looking behind for Faults.

2. It gets lonely at the top, The belief of a coach is that you are Perfect and capable of finding your own Solutions; All you need is a Safe Space to express and think Clearly.

3. Coach brings in Balance and accountability in life is OFten Shaken and a Coach will help you regain the Balance with right Focus, and Actions.

4. Your Coach serves as Pitstop, when you ran a marathon, there is a need to refuel and realign your mind.

5. Your coach have tools that will help you work on your optimum, Some of these tools are tested and proven; using them at a right time will make a difference that you may never have thought about.